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Keeping Your Belongings Safe in Self Storage from Pests: Top Tips for Storage

Admin | October 19, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

We understand how important your cherished possessions are to you, whether it's your mother's beloved hope chest or that rocking chair destined for your grandkids. Sometimes, finding room at home for these treasures can be a challenge, and that's where our storage solutions come in. However, we know the last thing you'd want is for pests to spoil your precious items by boring holes or causing damage. So, we've put together some friendly tips to ensure your belongings remain in pristine condition:

Pack Belongings in Plastic Boxes

When preparing your items for storage, it's vital to pack loose belongings in boxes. This not only prevents dust from gathering but also ensures your items won't be damaged if they happen to topple over. While cardboard boxes are a popular choice, we recommend plastic bins, especially if you have concerns about bugs and rodents. Pests simply can't chew through this sturdy material, providing an extra layer of protection for your cherished belongings.

Check Every Item for Pests Before Packing

We know the last thing you'd want is to unintentionally trap critters in your storage unit along with your prized possessions. To prevent this from happening, inspect each item carefully for signs of infestation. Vacuum chair cushions, clean dresser drawers, and double-check lampshades to ensure no unwanted hitchhikers find their way into your storage unit.

Avoid Storing Food

Most facilities, for good reason, have policies against storing food. Even the tiniest crumbs or dried spills can be enough to attract insects and vermin. So, it's crucial to thoroughly clean and dry anything that previously held food, such as a mini-refrigerator, before placing it in storage.

Wrap Furniture in Plastic

While you might not be able to pack your rocking chair in a box, it still deserves protection. Wrap any furniture, especially upholstered pieces, in plastic to create a protective shield. This way, if a curious rat or mouse happens to visit your storage unit, you won't need to worry about damage from their claws or droppings. Plus, wrapping soft items in plastic provides an added defense against mischievous moths.

Defend Your Storage Unit

To further safeguard your stored items from potential pest damage during long-term self storage, here's what we recommend:

  • Place mouse traps and flypaper on the floor to deter intruders.
  • Pop some mothballs or cotton balls soaked in lavender or peppermint oil in coat pockets, desk drawers, and cabinet shelves.
  • Position blocks of cedar wood in the corners of your storage unit; these emit a pleasant aroma for humans but work as a natural insect repellent.
  • Create a barrier against bothersome insects by sprinkling Boric Acid powder or Diatomaceous Earth around the items you want to protect; these products are readily available at your local garden center.
  • Deter snails and slugs from entering by lightly dusting sage around your storage unit's perimeter.

Consider an Indoor Storage Unit

Traditional self storage units often open directly to the outdoors, making them more vulnerable to pest problems, not to mention moisture and temperature fluctuations. To provide you with more secure and pest-resistant options, we offer indoor climate-controlled storage facilities. Our "portable vault" storage system is less likely to experience pest issues, better protected from the elements, and fully monitored by security cameras and onsite warehouse managers.

We hope these friendly tips help ensure your cherished belongings remain safe from unwanted pests. If you have any questions or need further guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Or Visit today as Storology has both Indoor and outdoor Storage Units. We take preventive pest control for our storage units.

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