Protect Your Storage Unit From Theft

Protect Your Storage Unit From Theft

Admin | November 20, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

In self storage, theft can sometimes happen. However, here at Storology, 13198 Hwy 110 S, Tyler, TX, 75707, we've got your back. Managed by a cutting-edge kiosk and offering exterior storage units, we take security seriously. Let's dive into the art of fortifying your valuables against theft while making your storage experience both interesting and insightful.

1. Selecting the A Storage Lock

Before the first box hits the shelf, let's talk locks. Storology's fortress begins with your lock choice. Opt for a solid metal guardian that scoffs at bolt cutters. Our recommendations lean towards disk locks and cylinder locks. Secure your unit with a lock that dares anyone to try their luck. Bring your own lock or purchase one in store.

2. Protection Plan at Storology Storage

Prepare for the unexpected by securing an protection plan for your cherished items in your storage unit. Storology offers a protection plan, covering theft up to a selected amount. While it won't replace the irreplaceable, having financial coverage in the face of theft provides peace of mind. Drop by the office to explore your protection options and fortify your storage sanctuary.

3. Outsmarting Potential Thieves

Where you place your items can make all the difference. While the typical arrangement involves larger items at the back and boxes up front, let's flip the script for extra protection. Nestle your most valuable possessions behind everything else. Whether it's pricey jewelry or sentimental artifacts, this strategic move ensures thieves grab the bait while your treasures remain untouched.

4. Misdirection for Maximum Security

Labels tell a story, and in self-storage, they can craft a narrative of misdirection. Instead of broadcasting "Valuable Jewelry and Antiques," cloak your treasures in common labels like "Bathroom." It's a sneaky move that adds an extra layer of protection, confounding any potential sticky-fingered intruders.

5. Keeping an Eye on Your Storology Unit

Stay connected to your unit's well-being. Regular check-ins not only maintain cleanliness but also serve as a subtle warning to would-be thieves. Embrace good gate etiquette, allowing no entry to unauthorized individuals. If something seems amiss, report it promptly. Your proactive approach ensures your unit remains an impenetrable fortress.

Storology Storage

At Storology Storage, we believe your storage journey should be secure and captivating. Follow these tips and rest easy knowing your valuables at 13198 Hwy 110 S, Tyler, TX, 75707, are shielded by the best. Book a storage unit with storology today.

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